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KAISER+KRAFT has launched a platform called "designmachine" with WUNDERHUB, which consolidates all relevant marketing materials from business supplies to merchandise items. The self-service approach allows employees to quickly and easily order products, making the workflow more efficient. Additionally, the designmachine offers customizable marketing measures for branches, including customer letters and postcards with discount promotions and voucher codes.

Project designmachine
Project allaboutpaper


The project "allaboutpaper" was initiated with the goal of developing and implementing a comprehensive platform for sustainable packaging solutions. The platform should not only serve as a shopping destination for environmentally-friendly paper products but also provide customers with a source of information and inspiration.

Now is the time to switch to paper.

Paper is the future medium for lightweight, flexible, and above all, sustainable packaging and shipping solutions. At allaboutpaper, you enter a world where paper is more than just a material – it is a message of responsibility, quality, and innovation.

The roots of the Mayer Group lie in paper, and our collective future lies in the responsible use of resources. We are proud to have been a part of this project, as it brings together our passion for sustainability, digitization, and innovation.

Mayer-Gruppe Shop

The requirements were high when the task arose to implement the performance and product offering of the Mayer Group online. On one hand, there was the need for a transparent and unambiguous presentation of a wide range of standard items, with all product features, special advantages, and characteristics. On the other hand, there was the need for easy, fast, and error-free customization (such as with one's own logo) through an upload function and perfect guidance.

Ultimately, even in brand interactions through the webshop, the focus of the measures should be on providing the best shopping experience for customers and partners, as well as ensuring satisfaction with the ordering process.

Full Range, Full Satisfaction

Registered customers had the opportunity to provide their experiences as feedback to us during the testing phase. This collaborative effort was focused on achieving the best possible usability to make the purchasing process both pleasant and efficient.

Not only the clear presentation of all items in the product range, but also highly customer-specific features such as the choice of delivery note layout (Mayer standard or in customer-design) as well as the integration of customer-specific material numbers, represent real added value for workflows and process chains.

Project Mayer-Gruppe Shop